Welcome to my site. I am a community educator and organizer based in Toronto and active in urban communities around the world. Please, take a look through some of my work below.

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New York City Learning Groups

New York City is a major hub for those experimenting with what I would call community-based education: a loose field of alternative, informal, locally-based adult education groups and spaces that are often not tied to formal accreditation but instead interested in lifelong, public, general interest, citizenship and peer learning. For now, I’ll call those involved […]


How to Draw an Asset Map

The first training session for Jane’s Walk’s new Neighbourhood Choreographers started this week. We use the term choreographer as it relates to the ideas of urbanist Jane Jacobs who speaks about the “intricate ballet” of sidewalks with their “individual dancers and ensembles”. Similarly, the sidewalk ballet needs choreographers to organize, direct and promote the preformance. Neighbourhood Choreographers in this way are […]


Tools for White Guys who are Working for Social Change (and other people socialized in a society based on domination)

As a young, able, hetero, Canadian, white guy – it’s easy to forget about privilege. To me, it is a living exercise to keep challenging myself to see how my privilege oppresses others – and do something about it now. Here’s a great checklist that I continue to use and reflect upon: 1. Practice noticing […]