About Me

Hi there!

I love finding new ways to bring communities together and thrive on the curious. I am your go-to fire starter – generating momentum and fanning the flames.

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I grew up in Halifax, Nova Scotia, running games at a local recreation centre. I liked it and thought I was pretty good at it. After studying Physical Education at The University of Western Ontario, I spent a couple years coordinating local and international volunteers and managing community sport projects in South Africa and Zambia. Since completing a Masters in Adult Education and Community Development at the University of Toronto, I have been managing multiple roles as community educator, organizer and capacity builder. Notably I have taught civic education programs in Chicago and New York, researched innovative post-secondary schools in Sweden and co-founding the first “barter for knowledge” Trade School in Canada.

The past two years in Toronto, I held the position of Training and Capacity Building Coordinator for the Toronto Drop-in Network, coordinating and facilitating training for 50 community centres across Toronto that work on issues related to the homeless services sector, community engagement and advocacy.

I am now a self-employed community development and education consultant working to develop the curriculum for Jane’s Walk.  Check out their great work across the world in a city near you! Most recently, I founded my own business that draws on my expertise in organizing and my commitment to community building. Skillshop organizes free public workshops run by local neighbourhood businesses.

When I am not managing educational projects, I am a full-time cycling advocate, porch farmer, part-time hiker and a neighborhood sport referee.