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Carrotmob is a consumer-led “buycott.” In a buycott, consumers spending money to support a business, and in return the business makes an improvement that people care about. In April 2010, local grocery stores competed against each other to host Toronto’s first Carrotmob. The winning store pledged to spend 100% of their revenues from one day on energy efficient renovations to the store and to start stocking their shelves with products from 15 local and sustainable-certified producers and farmers.

Position: Co-founder and Organizer


  • $10, 000 raised for energy efficient renovations for local grocery story
  • Renewable energy and local food consultation from Windfall Ecology Centre and Local Food Plus

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While studying a Master’s degree in Adult Education and Community Development, I learned about food systems, local food, sustainable development and community organizing. My colleague Kevin Kester introduced me to a short youtube video that showed the first “Carrotmob” organized in San Francisco in 2008 where small grocery stores competed for a flash mob of customers by pledging to increase their energy efficiency. I noticed that in Toronto there were many grocery stores, but rarely was any local food sold. With support and energy from fellow graduate students and volunteers, we made it our mission to try to organize the first one in Toronto, pairing our interest to advocate for local food with the Carrotmob method of community organizing.

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Carrotmob – Vote with your money
Carrotmob Toronto

Partners and Friends:
Windfall Ecology Centre
Local Food Plus
Transformative Learning Centre
Sarah Power
Kevin Kester
Rebecca Melville

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