Old Town Ramble & Ride


The 8th Old Town Ramble & Ride festival ran for 3 full days in Yellowknife North West Territories of Canada.  It is an eco-friendly festival put on by the businesses, artists and musicians of Old Town, one of Canada’s most unique neighbourhoods, to celebrate Old Town’s remarkable character and culture. The festival has elements of a traditional community art and music festival as well as encouraging the public to ramble (walk) and ride (cycle) through their community similar to open streets/ cyclovia. It is now one of the largest summer festivals in the city of Yellowknife in the North West Territories of Canada. ( Photo by Jack Danylchuk)

Nico Koenig did a wonderful job of coordinating the Ramble and Ride Festival in our community ”

– Mark Heyck, Mayor of Yellowknife since 2012

There were over 50 events organized during the festival which included craft workshops, live music, food and art market, boat rentals, pallet painting, art shows, houseboats visits, story telling and kids activities. In the spirit of Old Town, there was a large 100 person bike rally on Friday evening as well as numerous walking tours held across Old Town for the public.

Position: Coordinator


  • The first Old Town Art Show hosted 100 pieces of art inspired by Old Town by 20 artists
  • The Mayor of Yellowknife led a walk from Pilot’s Monument to open a renovated Government Dock
  • 18 musical acts played throughout town finishing with the Old town Jamboree organized by Indio
  • 24 Food and Art Vendors were organized along a pedestrian-only McDonald Dr and Government Dock
  • 5 walking tours including the Bird Walk, Garden Walk, Architecture and History tour
  • 1000+ visitors to our festival during the weekend with more than 600 attending each day

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