Vote Tag: Federal Election Facebook Voting App

votetag-final Vote Tag was a Facebook application that helped users remind their Facebook friends about the 2011 Canadian Federal Election and receive voting and political party information. Launched as an experiment in April 2011. Position: Team Leader Results: 

  • 3000 Facebook users used Vote Tag in three days

Partners and Friends: Senning Luk Danielle Olsen Leadnow


I was against smart phones for sometime. I still consider them a huge distraction, however I will have to admit some defeat by a new app called Vine. It allows you to make 6 second videos that loop. Sort of like animated gifs but using your smart phone to make videos.

I had a good time in New York trying my first few out. Here’s a couple of my first attempts below. Click on the images to make them start and stop, while clicking the top left corner can also turn sound on and off.

There are some fascinating things you can do with Vine. I hope I can share my perspective and experiences using this app and no doubt will have some fun along the way. Here’s a couple favourites I’ve seen from other people’s vines:


Are you a Vine user? Find me at @Nicokoenig