New York City Learning Groups

New York City is a major hub for those experimenting with what I would call community-based education: a loose field of alternative, informal, locally-based adult education groups and spaces that are often not tied to formal accreditation but instead interested in lifelong, public, general interest, citizenship and peer learning. For now, I’ll call those involved in this field as being part of a “learning group”.

Last summer, I wrote about visiting a couple of these New York City learning groups Trade School and the Brooklyn Brainery. Both groups mentioned that they had been part of an event called Experiments in Extra-institutional Education hosted at the City University of New York (CUNY) Graduate Center. The event brought together organizers from 14 learning groups mostly based in New York City.

Part of the event was recorded and many written interviews were posted on the Social Text Journal.

So, Which New York City Learning Groups attended?

Could any of these learning groups be replicated in your community?

Considering I am deeply emerged in the community education field, I was very excited to only recognize a handful of these groups and am eager to read more about what they do.

With the knowledge that such an event was possible, I was inspired to create a similar type of meet-up  with with learning groups based in Toronto. I hosted the first “New Education Dinner” with 20 awesome education folks a few weeks ago and plan to write about the experience in the weeks to come.