Vote Tag: Federal Election Facebook Voting App

votetag-final Vote Tag was a Facebook application that helped users remind their Facebook friends about the 2011 Canadian Federal Election and receive voting and political party information. Launched as an experiment in April 2011. Position: Team Leader Results: 

  • 3000 Facebook users used Vote Tag in three days

Partners and Friends: Senning Luk Danielle Olsen Leadnow

Elections Canada Facebook App to me show details 12:24 PM (50 minutes ago)

We thank you for your telephone call of March 29, 2011, offering to set up a Facebook page for Elections Canada.

We thank you for the offer but Elections Canada has no requirement for this type of service at this time.


Marguerite-Lise Menard
Enquiries Unit
Elections Canada


Nico Koenig to INFO1
show details 1:06 PM (10 minutes ago)

Hello Marguerite-Lise Menard,

To be clear, my group of Canadian web developers would like to create a Facebook application that would offer Facebook users the same information offered on your website, and assist registered Facebook users electronic reminders of advance and final polling dates and locations. For this process to be done effectively, we would require the access to the public data you have in place on the Elections Canada homepage.

I am concerned by your statement that you do not have any requirement to offer this type of service. According to your mandate, Elections Canada are required to conduct voter education and information programs. In addition, one of your major official duties is to ensure access to the electoral system for all eligible citizens, through both physical facilities and public education and information programs. Being that your official website already encourages the use of Facebook to educate eligible citizens in civic processes, as you do the telephone, Elections Canada should therefore be required to support voter education with one of the most prominent means of communication used by Canadians – which currently is Facebook with citizens aged of 18-35.

However, I understand that the process for this type of institutional change will not occur with a youth vote turn out of 37% according to your 2008 federal election records. The lack of pressing and relevant media to educate and support civic process will keep the young vote at one of the lowest levels ever seen in Canada. Because voter education is within your mandate and duty, encouraging civic education within the most current realm of communication should be your utmost concern.

Finally, if you are not planning to guide a citizens group of web developers willing to assist Elections Canada free of cost with your own mandate and duty delivery, my group has plans to create a Facebook application without your support. Since general federal voting location and date information is public, we have the neccesary tools to create such a technology to offer this type of information on Facebook. My only request would be the reassurance from Elections Canada that my group will not be charged or fined in any way for creating alternative online access and and disemination to the information offered on your website.

Thank you for your assistance, and I look forward to replying to you over the phone shortly,

Nico Koenig

Nico Koenig
M.Ed Adult Education & Community Development
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