MOOCs for Community Developers in 2015

MOOCs! Massive Online Open Courses are university courses offered online to the public. Thousands or even a hundreds of thousands of students can register for each course from all over the world for free.

A year ago, I signed up for a MOOC on how to design online courses…and it was terrible. It wasn’t clear how to engage with the content, teachers or students and I soon lost interest. Rightly so, there are plenty of folks talking about MOOC’s failures. That being said, there were likely tens of thousands of people enrolled around the world that gained valuable learnings for free. So, not all bad?

I recently saw a post on 260 MOOCs starting this January 2015 on . Sifting through, I assembled a smaller list of MOOCs starting in January 2015 for community developers like you! In case you were wondering, the courses are a bit light on advocacy. You won’t find “Revolution 101” here. Sorry :)

Free Courses Credential Key
CC = Certificate of Completion
CA = Certificate of Accomplishment
HCC – Honor Code Certificate
VC$ = Verified Certificate
VCA$ = Verified Certificate of Accomplishment
SA  = Statement of Accomplishment
SP$ = Statement of Participation
CM = Certificate of Mastery
NI – No Information About Certificate Available
NC = No Certificate



Online Learning



Sustainable Development




International Development

Organizational Development